Don’t fear the (high-speed) ferry. Transit to Zanzibar happens by plane or boat, most likely departing from Dar Es Salaam. The plane ride involves about half an hour of cruising in a shaky Cessna, but the ferry is cheaper and can be a far more pleasant experience. The high-speed boats run four times a day each way, take about two hours, and a ticket will run you less than half of what it costs to fly. Don’t be deterred by exaggerated travel advisories mentioning capsizing vessels—the high-speed boats are safe, modern, and comfortable.

Come out at night. Stone Town can look spooky at night when you first arrive—the dimly-lit collection of narrow streets and back alleys doesn’t exactly invite aimless wandering by the uninitiated. But don’t let the eeriness and travel advisories calling for extra caution after dark keep you confined to your room after sundown. Stone Town is bustling with life in the evenings, with kids out playing, couples strolling, and everywhere people feasting. The central park-turned-night market, Forodhani Gardens, is packed with locals and tourists sampling the couple dozen fresh food stalls. Skip the skewers of shellfish, which may have been sitting out all day, and opt for grilled Indian spiced chicken and Zanzibar pizza, chased with fresh sugar cane juice.

DO plan your trip during cultural festivals that dot Zanzibar’s calendar. The International Film Festival (July) spotlights African film; the Sauti Za Busara festival (February) provides a stage for East African and European acts; the Jahazi Literary and Jazz Festival (September) boasts open-air jazz concerts, poetry readings and open mics.

Don’t isolate yourself with friendly and charming local people; while in Zanzibar you can take time to interact with local people because they enjoy being with them and also you can gain some experiences from them. Zanleisure tours will bring you closer to these family if necessary, also visiting the villages through village tour you will have chance to support the villagers who are characterized by poverty but seemed very comfortable in their faces.

Don’t dress inappropriately; when visiting public areas like stone town tour it is advisable to dress long clothes for the sake of respecting local culture, also you can try dress up the traditional wearing styles offered by the Z anleisureTours company (consult us), although when you are in beach areas then no problem feel free.

Don’t buy or take foods and souvenirs from streets vendors; it is advisable to buy foods in the restaurants local restaurants like LUKMAN and touristic restaurants for the health reasons, moreover it’s advisable to buy the souvenirs in the curio shops, boutiques and streets small shops, avoid the street vendors who sell souvenirs in the streets because their products are not guaranteed and not 100% sure.

Finally Zanzibar is cosmopolitan country where there are the mixture of different religions and different cultures living together friendly and collaboratively with no problems, in Zanzibar no one is discriminated because of his or her culture or religion. But this is so when every one respect other’s culture. Feel free to explore Zanzibar island and experience its beauty with no any fear, DON’T LET THE MEDIA STOP YOU TO VISIT ZANZIBAR BECAUSE WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IN ZANZIBAR IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM WHAT YOUR YOU WOULD HAVE BEEN HEARD OR READ THROUGH THE MEDIAS .